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01 Jul

Hehehehehe, it’s almost 2 weeks since me and my wife took a honeymoon in Karimunjawa, the beautiful archipelago in north of Java Island. I get in to share about our journey just now, because of my activity and soon. So, here we go guys :)

It started from my wife’s resident, in Boja…

Monday, 7th of June 2010

  • 4.30, Mr. Munawar with his taxi took us to the Tanjung Mas Harbour. Arrived at Tanjung Mas Harbour at 05.30. We wait for Kartini Motor Boat that will be took us to the Karimunjawa Island
  • 07.00, We departed from Tanjung Mas to the Jepara Harbour. It was not go directly to the Karimunjawa, because on that schedule, the boat will be transit in Jepara and after that it will be go to Karimunjawa Island.

    @Tanjung Mas, ready to go - destination Jepara

    Transit for a while @ Jepara

    When you want to take a trip to Karimunjawa, I suggest you to confirm about the boat schedule to the ASDP Jepara (hotline : (0291)591048 ) .  There are 2 kinds of boat, Muria and Kartini.
    Muria is a ferry boat that depart from Jepara (usually at 9.00 am.). This boat need 6 hours to reach Karimunjawa Islands (long enough to make you feel seasick  ). if you want to make a reservation ticket(for bussiness class), you can contact Mrs. Retno. She is the officer of ASDP Jepara. If you need her number, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email –
    Kartini is a speed motor boat. It is usually depart from Tanjung Mas Harbour Semarang at 07.00 am. But it has an exception in Monday, you can use this boat from Jepara. It will depart from Jepara at 10.00 am. but again, I recommend you to contact ASDP Office for fix schedule of the ship. I bought the ticket in Semarang (Mr. Purwanto – please contact me via email to get his number). The ticket is more expensive than Muria. Kartini spend 3 hours to reach Karimunjawa (direct Semarang – Jepara)
  • 13.00 After transit in Jepara, at least, we arrived in Karimunjawa Island. ‘WOW’ that was the first word that I said to describe this beautiful island. You can imagine, we can see the bottom of the sea even if in the harbour (usually the sea surround the harbour is very turbid) .
  • In Karimunjawa, we stay at Karimunjawa Inn — (0297) 312253 with Mr. Abdul. He’s the person that preparing our need while in Karimunjawa. You can ask anything about Karimunjawa with him. Karimunjawa Inn is  a great pleace, very quite and cozy, great place to relax. We took suite room, the bathroom is very awesome, big and has garden inside it, cool indeed!!

    WC inside Karimunjawa Inn

    Our bungalows in Karimunjawa Inn

  • We spent the 1st day in Karimun to take a rest and visit Nirwana Beach . We can just walk to reach that beach from our Inn. At that time, only me and my wife in that beach, hehehehe, felt like in a private beach

    Nirwana Beach

Tuesday, 8th of June 2010
in 2nd day, we went to ‘Sea Trip’ . We visited some of beautiful island surround Karimunjawa Island.

  • Menjangan Besar Island
    our 1st destination was Menjangan Besar Island. We can find shark captive there, and you now what, we can swimming with shark, real shark indeed!!It was very excited to be there

    Ready to swim with shark!!! - Loc : Menjangan Besar

    be carefull honey ^_^

    Ninja turtles time

    deg deg serrrr

  • Menjangan Kecil Island
    In Menjangan Kecil island, we only snorkling, We done it in the middle of driving rain, but it wasn’t ease the beatifull of coral inside it. No photos in here, because totally driving in rain T_T
  • Geleyang Island
    This is the main part, Geleyang Island, the Island totally great with its white sands. It’s totally awesomee!!!!!

    @geleyang -- maaf horison rada miring, males ngedit :P

    Geleyang view

    me and my wife

Wednesday, 9th of June 2010
In 3rd day, we went surround the Karimunjawa Island. We rent motorcycle there, and made a tour on road. we visited many interesting place there. Just check it in photos below :

There's pedicap in Karimunjawa, not like in Jakarta

Airport @ Karimunjawa Island, provide Semarang - Karimunjawa route

Sunset at Karimunjawa Harbour

Eat meatballs after sunset's hunting

Thursday, 10th of June 2010
After breakfast, at 90.00, we left for Karimunjawa Island via Muria. We took 6 hours until we arrived in Jepara. We continue our journey to Semarang via Karunia Travel. At 19.00, we arrived at Boja again with a great experience visiting Karimunjawa

I want to add this post with budget that I spent for this journey (to accomodate request from my friend in my facebook )

  • Ticket for KMC Kartini : IDR 105.000
  • Accomodation :
    Stay at Karimunjawa in/night (Suite room) :  IDR 281.000 (include breakfast)
    Lunch and Dinner : IDR 30.000/person (if you think this is expensive, you should taste it personally, because the menu is very fantastisco, especially for dinner. The portion I think is for 2 person, big big portion of Seafood, yummy, and the taste was very good indeed)
  • Rent motorcycle/day : IDR 75.000 (Matic)
  • Rent boat for sea trip : IDR 350.000 all day long
  • Rent snorkel equipment  : IDR 35.000/person
  • Swim with shark in Menjangan Besar Island : IDR 5.000/person
  • Anchor in Menjangan Besar Island : IDR 25.000/boat
  • Fee for tour guide : IDR 75.000
  • Ticket KMP Muria : Bussines IDR 60.500  Economy : 30.500
  • Bakso ( you can find it in the townsquare after twilight : IDR 6.000
  • Gorengan : IDR 1000 (quite big)
  • Kelapa Muda : IDR 5.000

Yup, that’s all folks :D
Happy holiday


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