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Evolution from Debian to Mikrotik DOM Lvl6

05 Nov

At least my debian box that act as router has changed with Mikrotik DOM lvl 6.. It only bear up for only 2 weeks until I changed it. With the same network topology as router before (debian mode), it easier to config network rules using mikrotik, especially using winbox tools that has GUI that make router config more user friendly without concerning terminal script :D

A lot of stuff  I plugged in this DOM.

  1. NAT masquerrade
  2. Transparet proxy with automatic clearing cache
  3. IP forwarding classified by port number to communicate between local server to public clients
  4. Porn sites blocking using firewall, even if I upset with this thing :P

Everything seems fine and it works with a good performance.

Problem came up when I try to set one more network interface that provide an ip public. I planned to use this IP so that web server can accessed over internet. But when i started to config it, the network became mess. User in local area network can be browsing with URL method. Send ICMP Packet to public gateway made a normal reply from it. I really suspicious with the DNS configuration and routing stuff.. Hmm it needs more routing rules I think,,ehmm I rather lazzy to think and configure about it again when I found that I still have one more mikrotik router in Routerbox 450G.

Routerboard 450G, hmm I can use it as a brigde to connecting ip public to web server directly without through NAT server.. Hehehehe. Obviously the setup process is more complicated then DOM. We have to connect to routerboard using its Mac Address and winbox. 2 days I was thinking to manage this RB 450 G and at least I succeded to config this RB 450G.

Tommorow will be an execution day to make IP public setting using RB 450G. Friday — pararell with Software Development Document that will be consult with the client,,,hope will be no more problem in it.


Sharing Koneksi Internet 3G via WIFI Peer to Peer

24 Feb

Ku mo sharing sedikit crita mengenai koneksi internet shared dengan menggunakan wifi connection secara peer to peer. Kebetulan koneksi inet yang saya pake sebagai sample yaitu inet koneksi 3g Indosat Broom menggunakan USB modem ZTE, dengan 2 onggok laptop yang nantinya akan dijadikan bahan percobaan.

Oks,siapin kopi n rokok untuk sedikit setting disini :P

Setting Shared Inet Kamu di Modem
Pastiin setting koneksi dari modem ke laptop sudah sesuai dengan setting provider inet yang anda pake. Kemudian, meluncur segera ke Network Connection. Disitu akan keliatan modem ente yang dah aktif. Simply,right click, kemudian pilih properties di modem bersangkutan. Akan muncul jendela baru untuk konfigurasi. Klik tab advanced.                                         Read the rest of this entry »


New Lens for Di Fourthy : AF70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di LD MACRO 1:2 (MODEL A17NII) WITH BUILT-IN MOTOR FOR NIKON

06 Jan

Huehue, at least i’ve the time to release ma nu gadget. Actually, it came to me in the end of this year at December..but because stuck around in office and had a lot of journey :D  this post shut-in in ma database.

I’ve got this lens from ma broder in Gresik. A Tamron lens with macro features and optimal until 15 metres to zoom out. Its focal length came from 70 until 300 mm..huhhuu,long enough to make a snapshot in swimming pool :P

Besides, i’m very interesting with its built motor to make focussing object became more easy use autofocus indded. When still use Nikon 80-300mm G AF (G series  without autofocus motor), i always worried for made a mistakes in focusing object see here in ma last post

But with built in motor in Tamron, those problem slow but sure, had been overcome :D .. Although, i keept learn to use manual focus..cos in the real event, auto needs much longer time to focussing an object than manual.. But will see :D :D



New Gadget — Nikon D40 Kit –

08 Nov

Nikon D40

At least, i got you…It’s been a long time when i dreaming to have a Digital SLR Camera.. Alhamdulillah, last friday, i had a chance to reach it, of course, with my own saving…huhuhuuhu …

My choice is Nikon D40. Yup, cos it’s cheap, slim than the other DSLR such as Canon EOS 400d or even Sony A200. ITs LCD is bigger than his brother D70 for example, and the menus or feature in it can be confronted with his brother or even his brother in Nikon’s Familly

last sundays, i had a chance to try it at first time on Japan-Indonesia Expo 2008 in PRJ Kemayoran.. (see its result here) … Still have to learn and explore my D40’s cos a lot of photos that wrong focussed..hihih what a shamed, yeah but like a Rinso’s say — Ga ada noda, ga Belajar –

Keept it learn broder ..
Next week, Losari beach…hunting Sunset and Sunrise ..Bismillah.. 


Ride Your E61 to surf Internet

18 Sep

Nowadays, internet connection based on WiFi is not a strange things again. In every place like supermarket, cafe, in de office, school its exist and free hahaha . So, last month, when i decided to buy a new gadget, i prefer to choose nokia e61 than netbook or its brother e71 or e90 (cause limited budget indeed :P )

I usually use it when i’m in de office, when i’m not in ma room, its become a portable and usefull thing to keep exist in internet world hakakkak :D  .. Wifi connection in ma offcie use WEP keys and it’s not use DHCP to deploy its ip address..  

In the earlier time, i confused, how to make it works when i want to connect to a network with WEP otorization. It doesn’t work when i first try it in ma rooms. I have time to think, maybe ma Wifi in ma gadget is broken or what?? To check whether ma gadget still has its function properly, I tried it connect to the network in de front building that has no key authorization and DHCP of course :D  .. Hopefully it works, so the mistake is not from the gadget itself.. maybe i had wrong configured the connection ..

So, little ba little i tried to solve it .. When i realized that ma wifi connection use non DHCP, i figured that i must set the address manually .. Googling and blogwalking, at least it solved :D  
Here the step that i’ve done to make it :
1. I saved it as an access point, so that i figure it first.
    Choose menu -> Setting ->Connection

    when new windows appear choose on your left buton (option -> New Access Point ->Use Default Setting) 

2. Connection name : E61Wifi 
    Data Bearer : Wireless LAN
    WLAN Netw. Name : {set the name of your wifi network, i recommended you not
   enter it manually, choose Search for Netw} 
    Netw. Status : public
    WLAN Netw. Mode : Infrastructure
    WLAN Security Mode : WEP 
    WLAN Security Setting :
           – WEP Key in Use = 1
           – Authentication type = Open
           – WEP Key Setting =
                  * WEP Encryption : 64 bits
                  * WEP Key Format : Hexadecimal
                  * WEP Key : {fill with network key, if you don’t know, ask to your network admin,
                    if you can’ get it  from him, try to use Cain & Adel :D }

3. Access Point created :D
    in case you have to connect to a network without DHCP, you must set IP address manually. Back to the access point menu, choose AP that just you setted. Choose options -> Advanced Setting . If your network use IPV6 standard, you must set in the IPV6 setting. Indeed, cause ma network still use IPV4 standard, i choose IPv4 setting. 

set IP Address in Phone IP address, its subnet mask, defaut gateway bla bla bla.. If you don’t know precisely the resources, go back to your admin, if he don’t want to give it, just kick his ass :P  

Once you get it on your e61, you ready to surf on it ..

Hope usefull, regards


Internet Koneksi pake AXIS, IDR 0.1

23 Aug

Seminggu di Bogor, tanpa koneksi inet, hikzz..parah bin hopeless..Hotel masih jarang yang nyediain fasilitas hotspot dan sejenisnya disini, warung inet ada, cuman ga bukak, ma aja boong :x

Walhasil, pake cara alternatif agar keep in touch ma temen2 di inet. Berbekal HP 3660 and kartu axis, seonggok dogle, and notbuk secukupnya, maka dimulailah perjalanan ini.
First, aktifin nomor AXIS ente dolo, cos ga akan bisa diapa2in tu kartu kalo kagak diregistrasiin. Proses registrasi yang kualamin bener2 mbulet bin bikin emosi (kepada temen2ku di h**wei sebagai vendor ni operator,  kumaha yeuhh??). Kalo ada masalah reg ato apa, ke customer service dolo 838

Asumsi dah Ok, and hp ente dah registrasi ke wap ke 2248 (ketik : WAP [merk hp] [type]). Ente bakal dapet sms setting HP ente, install aja tu setting. dah, Kalo mo brusing via henpon, dah langsung bisa konek tu. tapi kalo mo konek via PC/notbuk, kasih setting tambahan di notbuk ente.

Detail setting monggo diliat disini .Parameter2 nya:

Username : axis
Pasword :123456

Dial number : *99***1#
extra command : AT+CGDCONT=1,”ip”,”axis”

Kecepatan, hmm wajar kalo menurutku
Biaya : so far away, murah ko, ga ada komplaint dari dompet masalah pulsa :D

Happy surfing


Connect Internet Through HP as Modems

13 Aug

Semalem iseng-iseng nyoba koneksi internet di kos an pake HP nokia 3660 sebagai modem dengankoneksi data over dogle alias usb blutoth adapter. Jaringan GPRS yang ta pake punya mentari, karena ‘kabar’nya ini yang paling murah meriah untuk koneksi inet dial up.

Pertama, pastiin HP dah kedetek sebagai modem caranya liat di bagian control panel->Phone and Modem Options trus di tab Modem. Kalo dah kedetek, bakal nongol dah list HP modem ente disitu. Kalo  ternyata blon kedetek, install driver bawaan dogle nya ato pake Nokia PC Suite juga oke.

Yup lanjot ke Phone and Modem Options, pilih modem ente, terus klik bagian propertiesnya(doble klik juga ok), akan muncul jendela baru yang berisi properties modem. Klik tab advanced, terus pada extra initialization command, masukkan config sbb : at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”indosatgprs”
Dah untuk setting modem, clear, sekarang lanjot ke bagian dial up.

Done buat setting modem, sekarang setting buat dial up nya :

  • Masuk ke control panel, terus Network Connections.
  • Create a New Connection, akan muncul wizard, klik next ajah.
  • Pilih Connect to the Internet, terus Set Up my Connection Manually,  trus Connect using a dial up modem, next
  • Pilih modem yang ente setting tadi
  • Masukkan ISP name, ketik misalnya Koneksiku
  • Masukkan phone number :*99***1#
  • Masukkan Username : indosat@durasi
    password : indosat@durasi
  • Klik Ok, yup langsung ajah ente dial Up

Notes : There’s no needs your Handphone and your browser to configure. Just only like that :D


New Gadget!! Ibanez JEM Models

06 Dec

Ibanez JEM models

Akhirnya kesampaian jugak punya electric guitar sendiri.. Setelah satu bulan lebih, akhirnya guitar pesenanku jadi juga.. Dibela-belain tiap poelang kantor buat nengokin barang sejenak mule dari body, pasang spooll,mpe cuci mata liat gitar2 keren di Aristone Bandung.. Todayz, kuambil jugak gitarku ditengah hujan-hujan rintik di Bandung menuju kos.

What it’s look like? yahh kurang lebih seperti ada di gambar atas, JEM models yang dipakek Om Steve Vai (walopun gw lebih suka John Petruci, tapi gitarnya kurang keren :roll: ? ) ..cuman bedanya ndak ta buatin hollow buat nenteng tu gitar, actually bodynya emang ta buat ke RG series putih susu, cuman neck nya ta kasih flower motif pokoknya JEM bangets dah .. Kalo bridge nya upside down, gold colour plus handlle nya, sehingga bebas mlintir-mlintir tu senar mpe garing :mrgreen:

Untuk pickup, sebenere aku lebih suka yang model humbucker neck and bridge doank..lebih keliatan simpel and totally lebih nyesuain dengan tipikal permainan ku dengan tone yang ga banyak alias ribet .. Cuman ya kata si mas nya ngikutin model RG dengan spek humbucker neck+bridge ditambah single coil buat midlle pick up nya.. Merk nya?? jangan ditanya :oops: ? penginnya siy bikin sekelas Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan atau EMG, tapi apa daya, doku ndak nyampe buat beli that stuff :cry: , akhirnya pake bikin si mas di Aristone, lumayan jugak ko, tone ala ibanez nya dapet ..

Hmm next gadget apa ya?? Pengin beli kibod, tapi bakal ribet ntar naroh dimana, yang lebih utama, diut juga lom ada .. ayo nabung nabung


New Gadget : HP Compaq 6520s

02 Dec

Akhirnya setelah berpuluh-puluh tahun berangan-angan dan manabng, kesampaian juga bli ni barang Chek This Out, Ma Nu Gadget :
HP Compaq 6520s
Intel Core Core2Duo T550
LCD 14″


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