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ProFTPD instalation in Debian

20 Mar

FTP menjadi pilihan favoritku untuk melakukan download dan upload file ke server. Alasan utamanya adalah karena lebih familiar :)

FTP yang saya gunakan adalah proftp, simplified install it like this :

#apt-get install proftpd Read the rest of this entry »


Installing, Setting, Remotting and Troubleshooting MySQL Server in Debian Box

12 Mar

Setelah sekian lama selingkuh ke mikrotik, akhirnya tiba saatnya kembali ke pangkuan tante debi alias debian. Dapet ‘jatah’ ip publik di kantor, walhasil bisa digunakan terutama untuk oprek-oprek. Kebutuhan utama buat ane yaitu web and database server. Pilihan jatoh ke debian, dengan alasan males install laen2 lagi :D

Rada bingung juga pas mo setting-setting, akhirnya dimulai dengan menginstall database server dulu. Pilihan jatoh ke MySQl heheheh– andalan,,
langsung dah, install MySQL Server

#apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient15-dev

Biasanya, ditengah-tengah instalasi diminta untuk menginputkan root password, just follow the direction, and you will not get lost :D

………… Read the rest of this entry »


Install Apache2 & PHP5 in Debian

27 Feb

Yuk kita mulai install apache2 dan php5 di Debian :)

#apt-get install apache2
#apt-get install php5
#apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5
# a2enmod php4
This module is already enabled!
Done :) 

Repository in Debian Box

24 Feb

hihihihih, kesalahan fatal, ngehapus default repositori di debian ku hihihih, walhasil, bingung mo ngembaliin ke semula, tapi akhirnya dapet juga default repository address nya. Repository ini yang bakal saiah gunakan untuk install macem-macem.

Setting :

#nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb stable main contrib non-free
deb stable/non-US main contrib non-free
deb stable/updates main contrib non-free
#apt-get update
#apt-get upgrade


Sharing Koneksi Internet 3G via WIFI Peer to Peer

24 Feb

Ku mo sharing sedikit crita mengenai koneksi internet shared dengan menggunakan wifi connection secara peer to peer. Kebetulan koneksi inet yang saya pake sebagai sample yaitu inet koneksi 3g Indosat Broom menggunakan USB modem ZTE, dengan 2 onggok laptop yang nantinya akan dijadikan bahan percobaan.

Oks,siapin kopi n rokok untuk sedikit setting disini :P

Setting Shared Inet Kamu di Modem
Pastiin setting koneksi dari modem ke laptop sudah sesuai dengan setting provider inet yang anda pake. Kemudian, meluncur segera ke Network Connection. Disitu akan keliatan modem ente yang dah aktif. Simply,right click, kemudian pilih properties di modem bersangkutan. Akan muncul jendela baru untuk konfigurasi. Klik tab advanced.                                         Read the rest of this entry »


Update PES — Indonesian Club

17 Dec

This morning, my PES6 has been updated.. This time, i try an option file that contains indonesian Team in Djarum Super League. It’s cool, there are club like Persija Jakarta, Persib, Sriwijaya FC hehehehhe..Thanks to Persib No.1 that has made it.

Download this option file here, replace your old option file (i recommended to back up it first)

Happy play use Indonesian Team brow


Be Legal or Illegal

02 Nov

Software include in it Operating System indeed is a main part to end user, so that they can use computation without knows how it works. Software also help a lot of things in a life, especially for white colars life..

When microsoft raised up in 90’s decade, the software developing was change. Mr. Bill Gates with an capitalism marketing and of course with his golden boy that is Windows, make a lot of money from license that it got…Windows take all over the world :D

When Linus Trovald came with his Unix Kernel called linux, world confronted with two choice.. Use free or buy ?? It cannot be denied that in Indonesia, piracy is like a mushroom that grow up in a rainny day :P  
The main purpose off it is to get free licensed software, including me of course when i’m still on de college :P

Now, legality become my concern.. If you don’t want use licensed software, just use Open Source or else that free, just stop piracy. Also, I works on de Government and its worked area is in Information Technology, hmm i thinks it really very close to the software :P  and it must be a leader to build an IT life without piracy.

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Remote PC from Your Handphone use RemotePC2 Software

07 Oct

Still try to clutches a lot of features on ma phone.  Afternoon Not really intend to browse on my downloaded software from Getjar. I Found a PC Remote Software named RemotePC2 for my S60 phone (it’s works for UIQ too)

Features that you can find in it, about as follows :
1. Capture your windows screen
2. Run command from your phone
3. Chat between your phone and machine
4. Shutwdown or restart your machine
Earlier, i think that i can use it as a remote presentation, unhappily it can’t..But features included in it, i think quite awesome..

The software consists of two part..
Server side : RemotePCServer.exe that must installed on your PC
Clients side : RemotePC2.jar that installed on your phone.

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Update Your PES 6::New Update 2009

23 Sep

Playing PES6 in ma notebook, is an interesting way playing around with time. But when i take a look, Ohh no, it’s quit out of date .. Ronaldinho still playing for Barca, Berbatov not yet included in the Manchester United squad list.. So i decided to look at update for its game, although i convinced i can get it free.


Keep goin and blogwalking, at least i’ve got free and up to date options file. Here i download its options file 
Now, try to update it to your own PES.
1. When it finished downloaded, extract it. You will see a file named KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT
2. Copy this file to C:\Documents and Settings\Hell-me\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1 of course it consider by your setting when you installed it firstly. I depend on default install folder for sure.
3. In case you want to playing savety, backup your last known good option file  to avoid new option file crash or not workinf properly.
4. Enjoy playing it bro :D



Add Form Components Use javascript

17 Sep

Last day, I fad to open my last archive bout programming use javascript in ma disc. I found an interesting stuff there.. Yeah for ’bout 5 months ago i search a method to add a form component that i’ll used in ma friend project .

Just try to look it at a glance .. it seems daunting i thougt. But when we see it accuratelly, we can get the algorthm of its code that not complicated as we expect. See jvscript below :

<script type="text/javascript">
  function addElemen(list,jumlah,nama)
    var currNumArea=document.getElementById(jumlah);
    var divToAddArea=document.getElementById(list);
    num= currNumArea.value;
    var newDiv=document.createElement('div');
    var tmpNama=nama+num;
    var ePengalaman="<table width=\"100%\"><tr><th id=\"blue\">Object #"+(num)
                    +"</th></tr><tr><td><input type=\"text\" name=\""+tmpNama+
                    "\" size=50 style=\"width:80%\">";
    newDiv.innerHTML=ePengalaman+" <a href=\"javascript:;\" onClick=\"
                     deleteElemen(\'"+list+"\',\'"+tmpNama+"\')\" id=\"delete\">
                     <strong><font color='Maroon'>Delete</font></strong></a></td>
                     </tr><tr><td> </td></tr></table>";

function deleteElemen(list,idElemen)
   var divListArea=document.getElementById(list);
   var oldDiv=document.getElementById(idElemen);

And here they are the HTML code to call the function :

<head><title>Add Object</title></head>
 <a onclick="addElemen('list_object','jumlah_object','object_')" 
 href="javascript:;" id="add"><font color="Maroon"><strong>Tambah Object
 <div id="list_object">
    <input type="hidden" name="jumlah_object" value="<?=$num;?>">

hmm but i still rather confuse, the numeric iteration can’t decreased when we delete a component. is there anyone can figure it out for me :D


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