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Upgrade Blogs Enggine to WP 2.9

05 Apr

Fiuh, akhirnya kelar juga migrasi WP Enggine..Dah hampir 2 taon ini males bet rasanya mo upgrade blogs, sampai akhirnya kesampaian juga nge-upgrade rumah onlen ku ini :D

Ada sedikit masalah pas mau impor posts dan comments terdahulu. Perbedaan mendasar struktur database menjadi masalah kali ini. Setelah ekspor dari database lama, ternyata endak langsung bisa jalan pas impor ke database wp versi anyar,,duh apa ni yang salah, ternyata setelah ditelisik, WP versi terbaru ini tidak memiliki field ‘post category’ maupun ‘comment category’. Read the rest of this entry »


Installing, Setting, Remotting and Troubleshooting MySQL Server in Debian Box

12 Mar

Setelah sekian lama selingkuh ke mikrotik, akhirnya tiba saatnya kembali ke pangkuan tante debi alias debian. Dapet ‘jatah’ ip publik di kantor, walhasil bisa digunakan terutama untuk oprek-oprek. Kebutuhan utama buat ane yaitu web and database server. Pilihan jatoh ke debian, dengan alasan males install laen2 lagi :D

Rada bingung juga pas mo setting-setting, akhirnya dimulai dengan menginstall database server dulu. Pilihan jatoh ke MySQl heheheh– andalan,,
langsung dah, install MySQL Server

#apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient15-dev

Biasanya, ditengah-tengah instalasi diminta untuk menginputkan root password, just follow the direction, and you will not get lost :D

………… Read the rest of this entry »


Repository in Debian Box

24 Feb

hihihihih, kesalahan fatal, ngehapus default repositori di debian ku hihihih, walhasil, bingung mo ngembaliin ke semula, tapi akhirnya dapet juga default repository address nya. Repository ini yang bakal saiah gunakan untuk install macem-macem.

Setting :

#nano /etc/apt/sources.list
deb stable main contrib non-free
deb stable/non-US main contrib non-free
deb stable/updates main contrib non-free
#apt-get update
#apt-get upgrade


Evolution from Debian to Mikrotik DOM Lvl6

05 Nov

At least my debian box that act as router has changed with Mikrotik DOM lvl 6.. It only bear up for only 2 weeks until I changed it. With the same network topology as router before (debian mode), it easier to config network rules using mikrotik, especially using winbox tools that has GUI that make router config more user friendly without concerning terminal script :D

A lot of stuff  I plugged in this DOM.

  1. NAT masquerrade
  2. Transparet proxy with automatic clearing cache
  3. IP forwarding classified by port number to communicate between local server to public clients
  4. Porn sites blocking using firewall, even if I upset with this thing :P

Everything seems fine and it works with a good performance.

Problem came up when I try to set one more network interface that provide an ip public. I planned to use this IP so that web server can accessed over internet. But when i started to config it, the network became mess. User in local area network can be browsing with URL method. Send ICMP Packet to public gateway made a normal reply from it. I really suspicious with the DNS configuration and routing stuff.. Hmm it needs more routing rules I think,,ehmm I rather lazzy to think and configure about it again when I found that I still have one more mikrotik router in Routerbox 450G.

Routerboard 450G, hmm I can use it as a brigde to connecting ip public to web server directly without through NAT server.. Hehehehe. Obviously the setup process is more complicated then DOM. We have to connect to routerboard using its Mac Address and winbox. 2 days I was thinking to manage this RB 450 G and at least I succeded to config this RB 450G.

Tommorow will be an execution day to make IP public setting using RB 450G. Friday — pararell with Software Development Document that will be consult with the client,,,hope will be no more problem in it.


Sharing Koneksi Internet 3G via WIFI Peer to Peer

24 Feb

Ku mo sharing sedikit crita mengenai koneksi internet shared dengan menggunakan wifi connection secara peer to peer. Kebetulan koneksi inet yang saya pake sebagai sample yaitu inet koneksi 3g Indosat Broom menggunakan USB modem ZTE, dengan 2 onggok laptop yang nantinya akan dijadikan bahan percobaan.

Oks,siapin kopi n rokok untuk sedikit setting disini :P

Setting Shared Inet Kamu di Modem
Pastiin setting koneksi dari modem ke laptop sudah sesuai dengan setting provider inet yang anda pake. Kemudian, meluncur segera ke Network Connection. Disitu akan keliatan modem ente yang dah aktif. Simply,right click, kemudian pilih properties di modem bersangkutan. Akan muncul jendela baru untuk konfigurasi. Klik tab advanced.                                         Read the rest of this entry »


[MACRO] Use AF70-300MM F/4-5.6 Di LD MACRO 1:2

11 Feb

see a lot of Macro photo’s Post in FN, really buzz me, wow its amazing.. Its detail descript very well.. When travell at mutun i tried to make a photos with macro theme, of course use Macro feature in Tamron lens..

I used autofocus when try to capture an insect that always moving..wew, its make my eyes stiff when try to compo it from view’s really need effort :D

Not after long, i try to make it’s become much easier, cos focussing object became more quickly (and not really make ma eye became stiffy :P ) ..  when i decided to use its lens, i realized that it has a pricipal weakness..Minimum focus range is almost 1.5m both use manual or AF ..wew what a range,, so that i can’t yielding magnification as i excepcted.. Here it is the insect that i captured use Tamron :

Macro 1

Think and think, how to make an object magnification as i expected .. I found method that maybe i can use in ma next macro themes..


Remote PC from Your Handphone use RemotePC2 Software

07 Oct

Still try to clutches a lot of features on ma phone.  Afternoon Not really intend to browse on my downloaded software from Getjar. I Found a PC Remote Software named RemotePC2 for my S60 phone (it’s works for UIQ too)

Features that you can find in it, about as follows :
1. Capture your windows screen
2. Run command from your phone
3. Chat between your phone and machine
4. Shutwdown or restart your machine
Earlier, i think that i can use it as a remote presentation, unhappily it can’t..But features included in it, i think quite awesome..

The software consists of two part..
Server side : RemotePCServer.exe that must installed on your PC
Clients side : RemotePC2.jar that installed on your phone.

Read the rest of this entry »


Ride Your E61 to surf Internet

18 Sep

Nowadays, internet connection based on WiFi is not a strange things again. In every place like supermarket, cafe, in de office, school its exist and free hahaha . So, last month, when i decided to buy a new gadget, i prefer to choose nokia e61 than netbook or its brother e71 or e90 (cause limited budget indeed :P )

I usually use it when i’m in de office, when i’m not in ma room, its become a portable and usefull thing to keep exist in internet world hakakkak :D  .. Wifi connection in ma offcie use WEP keys and it’s not use DHCP to deploy its ip address..  

In the earlier time, i confused, how to make it works when i want to connect to a network with WEP otorization. It doesn’t work when i first try it in ma rooms. I have time to think, maybe ma Wifi in ma gadget is broken or what?? To check whether ma gadget still has its function properly, I tried it connect to the network in de front building that has no key authorization and DHCP of course :D  .. Hopefully it works, so the mistake is not from the gadget itself.. maybe i had wrong configured the connection ..

So, little ba little i tried to solve it .. When i realized that ma wifi connection use non DHCP, i figured that i must set the address manually .. Googling and blogwalking, at least it solved :D  
Here the step that i’ve done to make it :
1. I saved it as an access point, so that i figure it first.
    Choose menu -> Setting ->Connection

    when new windows appear choose on your left buton (option -> New Access Point ->Use Default Setting) 

2. Connection name : E61Wifi 
    Data Bearer : Wireless LAN
    WLAN Netw. Name : {set the name of your wifi network, i recommended you not
   enter it manually, choose Search for Netw} 
    Netw. Status : public
    WLAN Netw. Mode : Infrastructure
    WLAN Security Mode : WEP 
    WLAN Security Setting :
           – WEP Key in Use = 1
           – Authentication type = Open
           – WEP Key Setting =
                  * WEP Encryption : 64 bits
                  * WEP Key Format : Hexadecimal
                  * WEP Key : {fill with network key, if you don’t know, ask to your network admin,
                    if you can’ get it  from him, try to use Cain & Adel :D }

3. Access Point created :D
    in case you have to connect to a network without DHCP, you must set IP address manually. Back to the access point menu, choose AP that just you setted. Choose options -> Advanced Setting . If your network use IPV6 standard, you must set in the IPV6 setting. Indeed, cause ma network still use IPV4 standard, i choose IPv4 setting. 

set IP Address in Phone IP address, its subnet mask, defaut gateway bla bla bla.. If you don’t know precisely the resources, go back to your admin, if he don’t want to give it, just kick his ass :P  

Once you get it on your e61, you ready to surf on it ..

Hope usefull, regards


Indonesia Uji Coba TV DiGITAL

08 Aug

Televisi digitalatau penyiaran digitaladalah jenis televisi yang menggunakan modulasi digital dan sistem kompresi untuk menyiarkan sinyal video, audio, dan data ke pesawat televisi.

Televisi digital ini diyakini akan dapat lebih mengirit penggunaan bandwidth karena 1 kanal frekuensi dapat digunakan untuk 6 program. Bandingkan dengan TV konvensional yang menggunakan 1 frekuensi untuk satu siaran. Selain itu juga, kualitas suara TV digital dinilai jauh lebih baik dengan tidak ada noise maupun ghost.

Namun untuk peralihan ke televisi digital, diperlukan suatu alat yang bernama set top box, kalo diliat-liat macem kek konverter dari sinyal digital ke analog (ato sebaliknya ya?? ), sehingga TV analog kita bisa untuk menampilkan sinyal masuk digital. harganya?? Lom tau pasti kisaran harganya euy..gelap aing

Indonesia sendiri mulai akan menjamah pengembangan televisi digital dalam waktu dekat, uji coba akan dilaksanakan pada tanggal 13 Agustus yang dilakukan oleh LPP TVRI bersama jaringan telekomunikasi dan konsorsium. Hmm bicara tentang konsorsium(sorii ngomongin bentar tentang Peraturan Menterinnya Pak Nuh), depend on Permen NOMOR: 27/P/M.KOMINFO/8/2008 pasal 4, uji coba dan pengembangan dilakukan dengan open standar, kasarannya, belajar bareng untuk pengembangannya, tidak boleh sendiri-sendiri, baik network provider, content provider, maupun pihak pemerintah melalui Depkominfo yang juga ikut mempelajari regulasi untuk TV Digital ini, kek misalnya nentuin gmna bussines process and regulasinya.

Yupp let see gimana perkembangan mengenai TV Digital di Indonesia, tentunya sangat ditunggu-tunggu untuk bisa menjangkau masyarakat umum dan menyajikan informasi yang terjangkau, reliable serta -heheh dikit iklannya :P

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