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Understanding Jurnalistic Photography

12 Mar

Yesterday, I intended repairing my camera censor to a photography center retail in Duta Merlin. I had chatted with its marketing staff before, and he said that my stuff can be repair in his place for about 1 day. But when I came there, I dissapointed, because what the man said in chat, is different with the real conditions. The retail only can repair Canon stuff, and it needs 1 weeks to clean it. With a sloppy face, I continued to go to Photography Exhibition in Antara.

Dropped in Antara Photography Exhibition with my friend at 5 p.m. , after talk a while with ma ex-office’s friend of my friend :P   , I go through the lobby aim to gallery. Hmm, themes of this exhibition was Tibet’s journey. A lot of B/W photos that taken with 35mm camera. The grain effect of it, make it became more artistic. But, I had a little confiusness, I don’t really blend in this themes. Mind set of me, still can’t accept the philosophy that included in Jurnalistic photos. When attended in Focus Exhibition, that  show of masterpiece of Darwis’s students, I feelt ‘Wow’, it’s so amazing. .

A coffe break and little talk with my friend and gallery man, I knowing even if at a glance, that the Jurnalistic Photography, mainly talked ’bout the content of photo.. the picture that can give a story to people who see it. I must see deeply to the photos, so that I can see, how beautiful it is. Hahaha, rather makes me dizzy, I’m not reach that level yet :(

One of photographer that show of the masterpiece in this exhibition is Jay Subiakto. And you know what,  come and see this , he’s damn right about a photography stuff , i agree 1000 percent with his opinion :D Photography is about expression and feelin’

The night would came soon, I decided to go back and rest. But you know what, I meet a person that would repair ma camera. He’s actually Nikon guys and became technician for Antara. Little check and nego, he told that tommorow, I can get my camera repaired..Wew, not took a long time until I gave my camera to him. Friday 13th, me and difo will be ready for hunting session in ma office roof top.  :D


New Gadget — Nikon D40 Kit –

08 Nov

Nikon D40

At least, i got you…It’s been a long time when i dreaming to have a Digital SLR Camera.. Alhamdulillah, last friday, i had a chance to reach it, of course, with my own saving…huhuhuuhu …

My choice is Nikon D40. Yup, cos it’s cheap, slim than the other DSLR such as Canon EOS 400d or even Sony A200. ITs LCD is bigger than his brother D70 for example, and the menus or feature in it can be confronted with his brother or even his brother in Nikon’s Familly

last sundays, i had a chance to try it at first time on Japan-Indonesia Expo 2008 in PRJ Kemayoran.. (see its result here) … Still have to learn and explore my D40’s cos a lot of photos that wrong focussed..hihih what a shamed, yeah but like a Rinso’s say — Ga ada noda, ga Belajar –

Keept it learn broder ..
Next week, Losari beach…hunting Sunset and Sunrise ..Bismillah.. 


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