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Update PES — Indonesian Club

17 Dec

This morning, my PES6 has been updated.. This time, i try an option file that contains indonesian Team in Djarum Super League. It’s cool, there are club like Persija Jakarta, Persib, Sriwijaya FC hehehehhe..Thanks to Persib No.1 that has made it.

Download this option file here, replace your old option file (i recommended to back up it first)

Happy play use Indonesian Team brow


Update Your PES 6::New Update 2009

23 Sep

Playing PES6 in ma notebook, is an interesting way playing around with time. But when i take a look, Ohh no, it’s quit out of date .. Ronaldinho still playing for Barca, Berbatov not yet included in the Manchester United squad list.. So i decided to look at update for its game, although i convinced i can get it free.


Keep goin and blogwalking, at least i’ve got free and up to date options file. Here i download its options file 
Now, try to update it to your own PES.
1. When it finished downloaded, extract it. You will see a file named KONAMI-WIN32PES6OPT
2. Copy this file to C:\Documents and Settings\Hell-me\My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1 of course it consider by your setting when you installed it firstly. I depend on default install folder for sure.
3. In case you want to playing savety, backup your last known good option file  to avoid new option file crash or not workinf properly.
4. Enjoy playing it bro :D



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