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Remote PC from Your Handphone use RemotePC2 Software

07 Oct

Still try to clutches a lot of features on ma phone.  Afternoon Not really intend to browse on my downloaded software from Getjar. I Found a PC Remote Software named RemotePC2 for my S60 phone (it’s works for UIQ too)

Features that you can find in it, about as follows :
1. Capture your windows screen
2. Run command from your phone
3. Chat between your phone and machine
4. Shutwdown or restart your machine
Earlier, i think that i can use it as a remote presentation, unhappily it can’t..But features included in it, i think quite awesome..

The software consists of two part..
Server side : RemotePCServer.exe that must installed on your PC
Clients side : RemotePC2.jar that installed on your phone.

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Ride Your E61 to surf Internet

18 Sep

Nowadays, internet connection based on WiFi is not a strange things again. In every place like supermarket, cafe, in de office, school its exist and free hahaha . So, last month, when i decided to buy a new gadget, i prefer to choose nokia e61 than netbook or its brother e71 or e90 (cause limited budget indeed :P )

I usually use it when i’m in de office, when i’m not in ma room, its become a portable and usefull thing to keep exist in internet world hakakkak :D  .. Wifi connection in ma offcie use WEP keys and it’s not use DHCP to deploy its ip address..  

In the earlier time, i confused, how to make it works when i want to connect to a network with WEP otorization. It doesn’t work when i first try it in ma rooms. I have time to think, maybe ma Wifi in ma gadget is broken or what?? To check whether ma gadget still has its function properly, I tried it connect to the network in de front building that has no key authorization and DHCP of course :D  .. Hopefully it works, so the mistake is not from the gadget itself.. maybe i had wrong configured the connection ..

So, little ba little i tried to solve it .. When i realized that ma wifi connection use non DHCP, i figured that i must set the address manually .. Googling and blogwalking, at least it solved :D  
Here the step that i’ve done to make it :
1. I saved it as an access point, so that i figure it first.
    Choose menu -> Setting ->Connection

    when new windows appear choose on your left buton (option -> New Access Point ->Use Default Setting) 

2. Connection name : E61Wifi 
    Data Bearer : Wireless LAN
    WLAN Netw. Name : {set the name of your wifi network, i recommended you not
   enter it manually, choose Search for Netw} 
    Netw. Status : public
    WLAN Netw. Mode : Infrastructure
    WLAN Security Mode : WEP 
    WLAN Security Setting :
           – WEP Key in Use = 1
           – Authentication type = Open
           – WEP Key Setting =
                  * WEP Encryption : 64 bits
                  * WEP Key Format : Hexadecimal
                  * WEP Key : {fill with network key, if you don’t know, ask to your network admin,
                    if you can’ get it  from him, try to use Cain & Adel :D }

3. Access Point created :D
    in case you have to connect to a network without DHCP, you must set IP address manually. Back to the access point menu, choose AP that just you setted. Choose options -> Advanced Setting . If your network use IPV6 standard, you must set in the IPV6 setting. Indeed, cause ma network still use IPV4 standard, i choose IPv4 setting. 

set IP Address in Phone IP address, its subnet mask, defaut gateway bla bla bla.. If you don’t know precisely the resources, go back to your admin, if he don’t want to give it, just kick his ass :P  

Once you get it on your e61, you ready to surf on it ..

Hope usefull, regards


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