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[Autumn Break] Escape to Giethorn

27 Oct

Last day of autumn break, I used it to go to Giethoorn. A place in the north side of Arnhem that has a unique area like in Venice. Ducth called this place as a Venice of Holland. Boat became a primary transportation in this area.

How to get there?
I start my journey this time from Arnhem Presikhaaf Station at 8.29 used my Daagkaart ( I bought it in Den Haag last day, and cost only €12.5 and you can go anywhere in Netherland in weekend by train) headed to Steenwijk station. It takes almost 2 hours journey to get in this station.

The route more or less like this : from Arnhem Presikhaaf Station, use train to Zwolle.
in Zwolle station, change your train to the train toward Leeuwarden and stop on the Steenwijk Station
from Steenwijk, you can use bus to the Giethoorn (cost approx . € 2.4 – € 3 ), it takes only 15 minutes to reach the places.

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[Autumn Break]1st Step On Den Haag

15 Oct

This week, we’ve got a Autumn Break for a week. Yup, this kind of oppurnity will never comes very often in my lecture’s schedule. 1st thing to do, I intend to visit my colleague that will back to Indonesia soon in Den Haag. I also want to visit Indonesian Embassy to get a stempel in my letter and to make self report about my arrival in Netherland.

Filmon, Me, Aris & Tita

Thusday, 14th of October
After class has been finished, I packed my stuff and went to Arnhem Central Station to catch the train to Den Haag. It was quite expensive, because I haven’t  OV-Chipkaart, so that I must buy ticket to Den Haag in full tariif..ouww that’s bad. It cost € 17.60. But nevermind, if I’m waiting my OV-Chipkaart , I think I will miss my time to spend the holiday.
I had transit in Schiphol, and change my train that headed to Den Haag HS. * Yup, like as said in train schedule , I arrived there at 19.14 and picked by my friend, Filmon Warouw, to get transit in his places.

the train is very often to be late. It only get late for 1 or 2 minutes. You can count on your trip schedule on the train schedule.
Den Haag’s view from Aris & Filmon’s room

His places was in 13th floor, and we can see quite wonderfull view of Den Haag. After take dinner accompanied by Aris n Tita, we take a walk to see night city view of Den Haag.

First time to visit that is Den Haag’s RDL (Red Light District), and even if it’s not as big as in Amsterdam, the view in this area quite make me feel suprised, indeed!hahaha. The woman in the windows, kindle with the red light lamp, try to attract people that walked surround them. I curious with how they make a transaction, so that, me and my friend try to find how it works.  Try to make conversation with one of the lady in the windows, we just ask about tarif, and you know what, it cost €50 for 20 minutes of pleasure. no bargain and no run, otherwise, the cop will take you hahaha. We continue our trip to other places. We arrived at the a Hotel that has strong correlation with Indonesia’s History, the Parlement Building. We just went trough because the rain was falling at that time.

Friday, 15th of October 2010
I went to Indonesian Embassy in Den Haag accompanied by Filmon and Dewi in early morning. We went from Den Haag HS use Trem. Arrived in embassy, I felt like home. I just directly get around to my business. It takes almost 2 hours to make it finished. We just waiting in its canteen and enjoy some coffe there.

It has been finished all, we continue to go to Scheveningen Beach. Huehue, first time I saw beach in Netherland indeed, and maybe, I’ll go here again at summer. It will be much more beatifull in its view I think.

View of Scheveningen Beach

at Scheveningen Beach

Yup, all has been done in Den Haag except Madurodam indeed. I will go there at my second visit to Den Haag in the end of this month.

I will back to Arnhem tomorrow, in early morning, to cacth the train. I wish that I still can get there on time and play futsal.

Gud Night All


Road To Sulawesi [day 1 - Makassar]

12 Nov

Early morning at 3.00 a.m, running down the road goin’ to Sukarno Hatta Airpot..OMG, still feel sleepy, didn’t get sleep well last nigh. User Sriwijaya Air, leave Jakarta at 5.30 a.m..It’s a boring flight,couldn’t get something interesting in that plane…

At 8.00 a.m WITA, at least it is ending..arrived at Hasanuddin and do ya know, not yet have time to lay my ass down, in a second, i must to do ma’s really makes me tired. In BP2i Makassar, there are 30 computer that must be checked and of course, use almost a day so that the target of my jobs can realize as i expected. One that i had dream when arrived at Makassar is to cacth the sunset at losari beach. At 5 p.m WITA, i try to go out for a while to going to losari beach…but it’s really suck, when the rains going down to earth..huuhuu..

At 10 p.m, at least arrived at Hotel in Pannakukang..Drink capuccino and sippin’ a cigarettes, make me feel relax..Close this days,,,sleep tight..


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